Figuring out what to do will impact not only yourselves but also other family members that are heirs in addition to other beneficiaries in the will.  Some may want to keep the property while others may want the cash proceeds upon a sale. These can be difficult decisions that the Personal Representative or Executor will have to face.   There are a number of different options you can take with an inherited property and we find that the most frequently used ones are as follows:

  • Keep the property in the family
  • Rent the property
  • List the property for sale with a traditional real estate agent
  • Sell the property “By Owner”
  • Sell the property “As Is” to a wholesaler
  • Hire a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist who is experienced in selling an inherited property 

Our Broker, Jimmy Tassi, is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist who has been doing business as a sellers agent in Palm Beach and Broward counties for over 20 years.

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Our team does considerably more than just market and sell inherited property and probate real estate.  We have the contacts and resources to help in many different areas and can assist in and coordinate the entire process.  Some of our vendors and partners provide the following types of services:

  • Estate Sale Services & Estate Buyers (Contents and Personal Property)
  • Moving and Storage Firms
  • Cleaning & Debris Removal Company
  • Repair Contractors and Handyman Services
  • Landscaping, pool maintenance, and utility management service
  • Professional Referrals including Attorneys, Accountants, and Financial Advisors
  • Real Estate & Personal Property Appraisal Service

Whether it's a residential home or commercial investment property, we have the knowledge and ability to successfully manage and sell the property. 

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